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Don’t neglect the importance of the using Pageant Flippers if your beauty pageant star is starting to show missing teeth.  Flippers for your childs teeth can drastically affect the outcome of overall scores in pageant competitions.





How long will my pageant flipper(s) last?

The beauty pageant flippers we offer can last for many many competitions.  Since they are custom fit for you, they will generally last as long as your childs teeth are the same size.  Changes in your child’s mouth can affect the flipper’s fit.

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How much?  Pretty Expensive right?

With the high cost of beauty pageants in mind, we offer a very quick, painless and easy solution at a fraction of the cost of spending thousands that a dentist would charge.

Our supreme pageant flippers are custom molded for a very specific fit (missing teeth and all).  There’s a quick turnaround time so that you don’t have to wait to be competition ready.

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What size will I need to order?  How do I choose the right one?

We use a custom mold process to make sure that the Flipper you order is custom made to fit the exact measurements of your kids’ mouth.  This eliminates the guess work and ensures your Flipper fits perfectly!  More Here.

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My Child is not missing any teeth but has small teeth with spaces, will a flipper help?

YES.  This is one of the main reasons why you should order.  Our pageant flippers will completely hide the spaces and give an instant brighter smile.

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When I get it, will the flipper look like costume fake teeth?

NO.  We know that your little pageant star needs to shine while on stage and this was kept in mind while designing them.  They are natural in color and even have a slightly translucent appearance like that of real teeth enamel.  The flippers are made of dental acrylic.

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Will the pageant flipper still fit after my child loses a tooth?

Losing teeth and small changes should not affect the overall fit unless the change is drastic. This is a mold so there’s more flexibility, but depending on the change, our beauty pageant flipper may or may not fit properly after multiple tooth loss or drastic growth.

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What is the pageant flipper made of?

The flippers are made of a very high quality, light-cured, dental acrylic.  It is custom made to fit securely in your mouth without sliding around.

The worst thing that can happen is to have it fall out during the middle of a competition!  Don’t worry, our pageant flippers are made to stay in for extended periods of time to allow maximum results during those long competitions.

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While wearing the flipper can my child eat or drink?

NO, NOT AT ALL!  Our pageant flipper is used mainly for smiling and cosmetic purposes and should be taken out while eating. Drinking will stain the teeth, and it’s hard to clean once damaged.  They are easy enough to put on and take off, so we recommend not eating or drinking while you have them on.

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Can the flipper be worn over braces?

No. In order to make a flipper to cover the braces, it would not be very attractive or natural-looking.  Besides the cosmetic aspect, there’s a potential for damaging your teeth that way in order to make it fit.  We don’t recommend this at all.


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