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There is so much passion involved when it comes to our children and their Beauty Pageants and we just can’t live without them.  We would like to let you know that we totally understand.

We love the glitz, big beautiful Pageant Dresses, gorgeous hairstyles and all the wonderful Accesories, so CBPS we hope you enjoy the site. Consider it a way that you can indulge in what you love.

Child Beauty Pageant Stars is a community of proud, fun yet competitive Beauty Pageant parents & supporters who are proud to see their little star shine bright.

More and more parents are creating careers for their kids due to the rise in popularity of the Beauty Pageant World, and your child could be the next big star.

We also promote an active community, by our Interview of the Week Page & Guest Posts on our Child Beauty Pageant Blog.  You’ll get to tell us all the great things about your pageant star, share photos and we’ll write an awesome blog post about her/him that you can show all your friends.

It’s fun, different and you’ll have something to cool to show everyone you know!

Feel free to Contact Us about anything else as well, we look forward to hearing from you.  Don’t forget to visit our Pageant Dates page to see upcoming Pageants in your State as well as all around the Country.

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